Department of Radio, Television and Cinema
The courses in English 
RTS102 - History of World Cinema
RTS103 - Basic Photography
RTS111 - History of Art
RTS113 - Photography Exercises
RTS115 - Mythology and Native Sources
RTS213 - Creative Writing
RTS215 - Graphics
RTS304 - New Media and Media Production
RTS314 - Animation
RTS315 - Dramaturgy
RTS411 - Short-Film Production
RTS412 - Post Production
RTS S004 - Music Video Production
RTS S010 - Music in Cinema and Television

Department of Journalism
The courses in English 
GZT121 - Introduction to Communication
GZT141 - Orientation to University Life
IF OS001- Orientation and University Culture

Department of New Media and Communication
The courses in English

YMİ 104 History of Art and Modern Art
YMİ 112 Digital Photography
YMİ 113 New Media Art
YMİ 202 Digital Photography Exercises
YMİ 203 Digital Cinematography
YMİ 204 Graphics
YMİ 211 Video Editing Exercises
YMİ 213 Creative Writing
YMİ 215 Popular Culture
YMİ 301 Vlogging 
YMİ 312 History of Video Games
YMİ S002 Dramaturgy
YMİ S006 Music Video Production
YMİ S011 Mythology and Native Sources
YMİ S017 Music in Cinema and Television